This one has me a little bit baffled.

I'm using a mecanim sync layer to handle animations when the players are damaged, so everything stays all nice and tidy, and the animations are just switched out when required. The state machine works fine when the players are healthy. The correct synced animations also work when called directly from an event (like a battle start or battle end one).

However, when the synced animations are being called by the game when attacking, using items, casting spells, anything like that, using the "Use Play" tick box in the Animations settings, they don't work. Nor have I been able to get the sync layers to work using parameters. Layer Index is set, as is Set Layer Weight. I get this error:

Calling Animator.GotoState on Synchronize layer
UnityEngine.Animator:Play(String, Int32)
ORKFramework.Animations.AnimationSetting:MecanimPlay(AnimInfo&, Animator, Int32)
ORKFramework.Events.BattleEvent:StartEvent(IEventStarter, GameObject)

Any ideas what I screwed up?
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  • Usually this tells you that you try to use a state that isn't there.
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    Weird, the states are definitely there since they're just an instance of the base states, which all function, and some states on the layer are working just fine, not others. I'll keep playing around with it.
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