Hi all.

I'm not an experienced unity dev so plz sorry for dumb questions but I can't get few things.

1. I've set status values like MaxHP, str etc. added abilities and classes that use this abilities but I can't find where I can set this values for particular combatant. I followed tutorial but it haven't worked for me.

2. In my game there's 3 active skills, 2 passives and general attack for each class. I want to have buttons in battle menu for each skill but I don't get how to bind particular skill to a button.

3. Is it possible to generate random status values like STR, AGI, DEX etc. within certain limits for each class? I want to generate this stats at random to make each new hero unique but to maintain balance the sum of all stats must be always the same.

For example: Warrior can have 16-20 str, 11-15 agi, 8-12 wisdom, 8-12 int, 14-18 constitution. But the sum of this values must be always 70. Is it possible to generate special formula in node editor for parameters like this?

I will be very grateful if you give me few advises.
  • 1. When setting the up the status values for combatants, you'll have two options.
    First, you can use Status Development (set up in the Status section), if you want to create a more complex combatant for having different levels (e.g. the player, enemies that scale their values along the player's level, etc.).
    Or, you can set up absolute values for a combatant directly in the combatant's settings.
    Selecting a created status development or setting up the values is done in the combatant's settings in Development Settings.

    2. To map buttons to battle actions, you can use Control Maps (in the Base/Control section). Using hot-keys for battle menu choices is currently not available.
    Alternatively, you can also set up Shortcuts in your combatant's settings and fire the action bound to a shortcut slot with control maps.

    3. Random status generation can be done using Formulas in the Status Development, but currently it's not possible to limit the sum of all values to a certain value ...
    The formula offers a Random Value step you can use for that.
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