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The RotateTo node will take a variable, but the variable is a position. This request is to allow the RotateTo node to take a variable that is a Rotation, and lerp to the rotation instead of orienting toward a position. Would be nice to constrain the axis also. :)

Here's what I do: When the player talks to an NPC, I use TransformToVariable to save the rotation. Then, I use RotateTo to have the NPC turn toward the player (over time). This looks great. After the dialog is shown, I then use VariableToTransform to restore the orientation of the NPC - but it snaps back. Basically I'm looking for it to slowly turn back (like over 1 second).
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  • Isn't that what the Change Rotation step is there for? Also takes variables :)

    The Rotate To step is used to rotate toward an object/position.
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  • Thanks! - that works if I do the math inside the event:

    TransformToVariable (Set Rotation)
    TransformToVariable (Sub Rotation)
    Change Rotation

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