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I have my own camera and mecanim based player controller in and working great. In order for the "auto move animation" to stop interference with my controller, I had to disable it.

However, now that it's disabled, my character doesn't animate when moving in combat. :)

Is there a way to turn "Use Auto Animation" on/off in the battle event? Or is there a different way I can do the animation for my character when he runs to do the attack?
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    Of course, the answer was easy if I went back through the tutorials. There is no need to turn on automatic move animation -- I simply needed to manually play the animations in the "runToTarget" and "runToBase" events.
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  • Yeah, just playing the animations will probably solve this.

    I can also add a new event step to enable/disable the auto move animation of a combatant in the next update :)
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