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Hey all,

I'm playing around with adding a list of all unlocked crafting recipes to my player's main character menu, so they can always see what they have available to make and what they need to make it, which I figure is useful for when they're gallivanting around picking up stuff. Thing is, I'd like to only allow them to craft at specific stations around the world and not directly from the menu. I've got those stations set up just fine (and the menus to go with them), but the other kind of menu is giving me some trouble.

Is there a way to disable the create button on the crafting menu screen? I can't seem to find it but I am a bit sleep deprived right now. Just moving the button off screen in the gui box doesn't seem to work since I have console/mouse controls that'll still pick up accept input.
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  • completely off topic but i like how you used the word "gallivanting" rarely here that word ^^
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  • It's currently not possible to disable the create button - but I can add an option for that in the next update.

    Once that's in, you'll need to have a 2nd menu screen that allows creating stuff. You can call menu screens using the event system, so doing crafting only at special stations isn't a problem :)
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  • Thanks @Gil, that would be fantastic. :D
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