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I've got some items that when used change the character's class. For the settings, I have everything checked to true, including forget old abilities, learn abilities, and reset class level. When I switch between classes after the current class has leveled up - something kind of odd happens.

-Sometimes only the 1st learned ability is forgotten, and all the later level ones stick around. Then other times it's the reverse - the later level ones disappear but the 1st learned skill remains.
-The class level is reset correctly back down to the starting level, but the experience points which level up classes remain at the previous class level (instead of also resetting back down).

Is there a way to forcefully reset the exp. points back down to 0 (or anything below the previous level's minimum)? I've tried using the Target Changes in the item itself and manually setting it back down there, but it doesn't seem to work going down, only for increasing the exp. I feel like if I could just make this number reset back down, I could get the rest of it functioning correctly. Is it because I have the exp type automatically leveling up the class that it can't decrease in value, or have I messed something up along the way?
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  • Yeah, seems like the class exp reset isn't really doing what it should, will fix this in the next update.
    The abilities are forgotten completely when learned through the class - e.g. if an ability was learned through the combatant settings, that wont be removed when changing class.
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  • Thanks so much, that clarifies things. :)
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