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  • I check this, but marked item is still marked. EDIT: Nevermind, it works :D Thank you very much :)
  • Ohh right, thanks!
  • gamingislove said: Working fine here - and as your image shows, the value has been changed. No, it's not changed. X = 1 and Y = 1 is my default Sensitivity that I set in Game Controls. I set in "Change Fields" to change Sensitivity to, for example,…
  • No, there is no warning/error messages in Unity console. My camera is tagged as "MainCamera". My Sensitivity settings - X = 1; Y = 1 I have a trigger with event "ChangeMS". In this event I have "Change Fields" node . I set up everything just like …
  • Yes, still nothing.
  • gamingislove said: Well, you can change the sensitivity of the camera control component using a Change Fields node: - class origin: Component - class name: FirstPersonCamera - target object: set up a Camera type actor and use it here - add a field -…
  • Sorry, I'm using First Person camera control from ORK Framework. At this moment any camera/player custom controls are not possible ... Oh dear... I was trying to use Custom Camera, but then Lock Cursor is not working, so I don't know what to do
  • Standard ORK Camera and Player. Really? There is no easy way to do it? It's really important for me
  • Oh and How Can I Set up Tooltip? With mouse position will be over item and then you Can see item description it will be great and solve problem EDIT: I set up Tooltip, but I don't see text on it. How Can I display text, description of item on Toolt…
  • I'm using default GUI Legacy. I think I just did it. But I see now another thing - when I select item in Item Type and then I'm changing Item Type to another, my selection of last item is "saving" and I see description of new item which is on the sa…
  • Oh, thank you !
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  • Yeah. I have a script that Can rotate other object when another is rotating, but Interaction Controller seems to not react to it... I will try something else. Thanks
  • And when I'm placing Interaction Controller on Camera it doesn't work either. I mean, it Can rotate with Camera, but I Can't interact with events. I can't see Interaction HUD. I Can only click left mouse button and then it works. But I would like to…
  • Yeah, but my Main Camera is not using the Head parent position or rotation in my Player. I'm adding "Player(Clone)/Head" or only "Head" but the Main Camera is still "outside" Player. So I have "Head" object and it's parent to Player, but Camera is n…
  • Uhh Thank you! It works! With Battle Area it works fine. Without Battle Area, I need to jump on enemy head and then he Can attack me, but it's not a problem ;) Thank you very much! :)
  • Here how it looks in Editor. If i'm standing on Zombie's Head - I Can hit him and I Can fight with him, but on the ground nothing happends :P So, I guess... The problem is in my Zombie character model?
  • Ok... Weird. My enemy is "Zombie". So I just spawn not my "Zombie" but "Evil Pants". And "Evil Pants" works! I Can fight without problem. I Can't fight with my "Zombie" enemy and I Don't know why. I check the prefab - everything is the same like in …
  • No, I have Attack battle event in Atack Abilities. It's just weird, I made this event based on GIL's tutorials and everything is the same in there.
  • Yes, everything is there. That's why I don't know what's wrong. I read tutorials again, I check battle events etc.