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  • Very happy to see that UI is taking some love in the latest updates :)
  • about 4. I created the console and is all good, but is there any way to have the latest event on top instead of the bottom? and (yeah I ask a lot :P ) to fade the text from the earliest event (full) to the oldest visible (very transparent).
  • I know this is not ORK Related, but if someone can help would be cool. this is my OnEnable and OnDisable: private void OnEnable() { GameObject[] gos = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Player"); foreach (GameObject…
  • You rock as alwys, thank you.
    in load/save game Comment by dlevel June 22
  • Good point, thank you!
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  • Ok thank you, 6) Can I press escape (which is the Main Menu button) and have a highlighted menu to close? to be the default close button, but without opening the Main Menu (overview).
  • Yeah I use custom controls, weird it does that, and I used every possible method to delay the stop control in ORK so it has the latest position. When i disable the disable controls node everything works fine, i just need to not move my player while …
  • Thank you all for your kind words! here is a new Devlog of the game:
  • Thank you for your reply, I have the same effect, the player gets back to the original position before the event starts, what I think it is causing it is the block controls I have before the chop of the tree.
  • OK thank you GIL, please let me know about 6 when you have time because I don't seem to find any other way to have HP Hud over enemies head right now, even a manual way would be ok for me, there is 2 ways solutions, either show them only when an ene…
  • Ok tha mouse click fixed with the Max Click Distance to 0, thank you :) For the Value Input Dialogue, I worked a bit with that, but not having any results, what is the best appliance to have a checkbox or drop down menu in settings so that I can ha…
  • Default Ok/Cancel buttons at menu settings doesn't seem to work with New UI when using default UI Prefabs as buttons (only Ok/Cancel shows as letters, not the UI Button).
    in ORK Bug Reports Comment by dlevel June 9
  • Ok thank you, I m not opening other thread about UI stuff and I ll post them here so: 1) Is it possible after clicking on an Item inside an Item Box to automatically pick it up to inventory, instead of dragging it to it. 2) I notice is that when I…
  • Is there a way to have in the inventory the choice button also for empty slots? so i have the grid type inventory? Also I m trying to change the rect transform of the image so i can fit it inside the button that i want it to be bigger, on runtime i …
  • Yeah I get you, that was also one of my priorities, but then I started messing around with integrating other controllers, and got the results I wanted. Multi-dev is a cool feature because you can use someone novice in game-dev just for data entry …
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  • The "upgrade your ORK 2 project (mostly automatic)" made me smile, and its what I wanted to hear. Thank you GIL! As far goes to Networking, I guess Unity is not helping for something BIG in that matter, but for the shake of 2-4 players co-op for …
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  • All good with 2.11.2 with the game crashes, but the menus still flashing (again when my hp regenerates etc. when i equip an item with +HP) (saw that its on the release notes thats why i mention it again). And to be specific, the Name boxes are flash…
  • @gamingislove thank you :)