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  • I thought that as well! I tried a few more times; and I realized what was causing the editor lag; the event object was selected and showing in the inspector while in play mode, and had both ORK and Makinom object variable components on it, one of wh…
  • Running into a bug with the Music Players: Entering a Music player with the same song and same channel, but a different target volume has no effect on the volume of the music currently being played. Tried Play and Fade To; neither seemed to have a…
    in ORK Bug Reports Comment by Kirb April 12
  • Thanks for looking into it :D
  • Here's an odd one though, and using the ORK GUI as well, as well as the basic Rewired bridge script: When using DPAD, going through a choice dialogue works as ex…
    in ORK Bug Reports Comment by Kirb March 25
  • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!
  • @gamingislove Sorry GiL, problem was on our side, custom HUD wasn't refreshing correctly after returning from timescale 0.
    in ORK Bug Reports Comment by Kirb March 24
  • Is it possible to play an animation or sfx per tick on say, a Poison status effect? Let's say I'd want the screen to flash and an SFX to trigger every time HP is damaged via a Poison status effect. I can see Animate Damage under Status conditions, …
  • Nice; thanks for the float in Status Effects. :D
  • Here's one that I'm trying to puzzle out: I have an armor that increases Max HP by 3, by using a custom status value bonus. The only problem is; when unequipped, it doesn't remove the bonus Max HP.
    in ORK Bug Reports Comment by Kirb March 17
  • Also; I can't remember, did ORK ever gain the functionality to change the color of damage text depending on whether it's the Player or Enemy getting damaged? Right now it's just stuck to one damage color per Status Value. Additionally, having diffe…
  • Being able to set this value in status effects using a Formula would be really useful; right now it's set to a single value.
  • Thanks! Will give this a go. :D
  • Being able to access those nested fields and functions is fantastically useful. Many thanks. :D
  • Sure thing! It was my hope that the initial features would grow more robust over time; and I'm extremely pleased to see that it has.
  • Woot; thanks for the update. :D
  • Gotcha; it must be a bug in our custom GUI, then. Thanks for confirming!
    in ORK Bug Reports Comment by Kirb March 16
  • Running into a possible bug using Selected Data. Using these two nodes; but I can't seem to be able to change any of the existing bool variables on this piece of equipment.
    in ORK Bug Reports Comment by Kirb March 16
  • Cheers, @hellwalker! Just need to find the correct way to modify durability on a specific piece, then.
  • Got an update regarding the Unity bug plaguing the editor: Looks like it's been fixed as of 2018.1.…