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  • Noirpg
    Can you tell me how to get my 3rdperson Invector Melee control to work with ORK, please? I have have been stuck for quite some time.
    December 2018
  • MiniShep
    hey so I've seen that you're the king pin around here (a very experienced coder)..have you done anything with UFPS or RFPSP? thanks :)
    August 2018
  • Windkeep
    anyway i can have the orksive project files? Much thanks
    April 2017
  • andris
    thank you
    September 2016
  • andris
    I'm a little late
    you have a copy of the offer to test
    I would be happy to get it
    Thank you.
    September 2016
  • Klep
    Hey Keldryn.

    You seem to really know your stuff.
    Would you be interested in coming on a project of ours as a paid advisor?
    April 2016
  • silverglade1
    Hi Keldryn, I really appreciate any help you can offer. here are the links to the project. one is the main demo project with the prefabs in the animals folder, bear, wolf and werewolf. in the assets/resources/scenes folder is the 0 Main menu to start the game to the demo animations scene I made.

    and here is the instruction file
    April 2016

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