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  • Keldryn
    Downloading the project files now, but I may not have time to really look at it until after I get the kids to bed tonight (I'm on Pacific Time and it's just after noon as I write this).
    April 2016
    • silverglade1
      thanks. You don't have to work on it, since you told me I need to work on navmesh. But I need to learn how to add the navmesh to ork's battle system, which I don't know how to do. I am starting to wonder if I want to make a violent game in the first place. Do you have any examples of rpg-like games that are not violent? If you do I would like to see them. Or any that you know of. If I have an alternative to a violent game I will do it. The more I get into the battle system, the more I am questioning the point of it in the first place.
    • silverglade1
      I decided I am going to do the navmesh with ork if I can figure it out. I need to have attacks in the game, but the game will not be revolving around violence like most rpgs and mmorpgs do.
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    September 2015

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