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I'm new to ORK Framework, and am following this tutorial : http://orkframework.com/game-tutorial/2013/08/06/3-adding-the-player/

I wanted to try and use a character that I found on the asset store, however, when I get into the game itself, the character is stuck in a t-pose.
I've done everything the tutorial says, yet I'm still getting the issue.
Apart from the t-pose, the character is also floating really high in the air.

Any ideas?

Also, the character I'm using is:

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  • When using other characters, you'll need to adjust the animation settings - i.e. in most cases it'll be enough to change the Animation Name settings of the animations in ORK.
    The animation names used in the tutorials will most likely not be available in your custom character.

    The character floating in the air can be a result of having the collider/character controller not placec correctly on the prefab (or not at all added, which results in the built-in controls adding one).
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  • Ah, I should have added more information.
    Yeah, I've figured that I was supposed to add the animation names specific to the character, however, it was still stuck on the T-Pose.

    Ah okay, I'll have a look into the collider and character controller, to see if it's causing the floating issue.
  • have you set the default animation to be something like idle?
  • I'll get a few screengrabs once I get back to it, however, I do believe I've renamed everything appropriate to the custom animations.
    What I did was rename the animations I took from the character pack to:

    I then Added the new animation types(?), and named them to the appropriate names stated above.
    I then set the, what I do believe would be the Default Animation Types(?) which is under the Base Settings when renaming the Animation Types, to the appropriate Animation Types that I created..

    Could the animation issue also be fueled by the lack of a Controller and Collider?
  • I am not 100% sure to be honest.

    I would personally rename the animations to match those in ORK, that way you wouldn't need to change any of the default settings...think thats what I did
  • You need a character controller to have an animation work. Otherwise it will be just a Tpose.
  • Alright, I've added a collider and a controller to the prefab.. but it's still stuck in a t-pose and is still floating in the air.

    I've checked all the Animation Types, and they all seem to be selected properly, and I've renamed every animation in the Animations tab.

    Any other ideas?
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    Am downloading the Taichi character and will let you know how I do with him in the town scene. Going to call him Tan Jacket. :)
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    OK, Tan jacket spawns for me just like Brown Pants and walks and has his feet on the ground.

    I'll try to explain how I did it--I use the same method for all of my enemies, not to mention my player.

    I downloaded the Taichi Character and chose one of the Taichi Models Legacy and I put him in an empty scene.

    I created a prefab for him. If you don't know how to do that let me know.

    I went to him in that empty scene. I added a character controller to him and positioned it so it fit him snugly--basically all I had to do was set the y to 0.

    He had NO ANIMATIONS. No surprise but a little bit of work.

    So I decided to use just four to make things simple. Where it says Animations, I typed in 4 and hit Tab.

    That gave me four animation slots to fill. So seeing the names of his animations in the folder for Legacy animations---I decided to add idle, walk, run and punch.

    So for his default animation I clicked on the wheel which gave me all the animations in the project and chose idle_00. You can check there to see the name of the asset the animation applies to so you have the right idle_00 but none of my other animations had that. So I knew I was good.

    For walk, I chose walk_00. For run, run_00 and for the animation I'd use for everything else just to keep it simple punch_20.

    Now those are the names of the animations I put in for the Combatant in ORK Framework/ Base/Control animations.

    I never rename my animations because with all the monsters I have it's just too hard. I just write their animation names down on a piece of paper in a notebook I keep for such stuff and use that to type in the names of the animations for a particular monster.

    I now had in my empty scene, the figure with a character controller and chosen animations.

    So I slid that into the prefab I had made for Tan Jacket.

    Then, I went to ORK Framework/Base/Control animations and duplicated the Default and Battle animations that are used by good old Brown Pants.

    I called them Tan Jacket and Tan Jacket Battle.

    Then for Tan Jacket--for his idle animation, I typed in idle_00, for walk, walk_00 for run, run_00 and for everything else just because I wanted to see how things went, I typed in punch_20.

    Just like that.

    And then I went to Brown Pants in the combatant area and changed his prefab to Tan Jacket. I changed his animations to Tan Jacket and Tan Jacket Battle.

    The Interaction Controller is added automatically so didn't do anything with that.


    Went back to play and lo and behold, my cute, adorable but kind of tiny Tan Jacket is moving around the world with his feet on the ground. No T-Pose.

    If you need me to help you with this more, just let me know.

    I'll keep Tan Jacket in my ORK Demo for awhile. : )
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    His size was kind of small so I increased it to 2, 2, 2 instead of 1, 1, 1 and here he his. : )

    photo Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.53.13 AM.png

    Ready to be splattered by Evil Pants! And actually he's Blue Jacket as I couldn't find the tan jacketed guy.

    He can stay idle, walk run and punch Evil Pants. He could do more if I had the energy to add more animations. : ) But figured this would be enough.
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    If anything in the above troubles you or you can't get it working, let me know. If you're going to work with assets from the asset store or even your own assets you have to know how to set up the animations for them because they don't always come with those set out of the box.

    It might be easier to follow me if you redownload the ORK Demo and redownload the Taichi character since you already changed the animation names. And I can't tell what you changed them to.

    OH MY GOD! He actually defeated Evil Pants! : ) He's got his fists up--that's the punch_20 animation. Remember, I set the idle animation at idle_00, the walk animation at walk_00, the run animation at run_00 and everything else at punch_20 so that's his victory animation--punch_20. He has a lie_down_01 animation I could have used for death but kept it simple. He reminds me of Joey in Yu-Gi-Oh. : ) Except the hair is the wrong color. : )

    Kisses @ORK--does everything. : ) I'll be away from my computer until tomorrow night.

    photo Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.22.53 AM.png

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  • Ahh! Thanks so much for the indepth reply!
    Yeah, it was the adding of animations for the prefab that had gotten me lost.
    also, I didn't know that it was possible to move the collider and controller until I googled for it after reading " I added a character controller to him and positioned it so it fit him snugly".

    So now my character is nicely on the ground with it's idle and walk animation.
    This helped me a tonne, thanks again!
  • You're very welcome. Having used many assets from the asset store for monsters--sometimes they are good to go with their animations and sometimes they need tweaking and sometimes they are horror shows I never could use because the way they are set up is all wrong. That hardly ever happens but it does happen sometimes. So I look for the five stars or at least four stars for my graphics.

    Some day soon I'll learn Mechanim. : )

    You should learn it too. : )
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