Hi GiL,

we have latest ORK + Makinom with the plugin set up correctly. We are using the Daily Quests reset and every quest finish triggers the dailyQuestOff event in ORK, where it triggers Makinom Machine.

It all works fine on Android, while on iOS, it crashes with some NullRefferenceException: A null value was found where an object instance was required.
And then it referes to ORK framework.

This errors pops whenever ORK calls Makinom Machine on iOS. When Makinom schematics contain a call for ORK event, it just ignores it.

We also checked the ORKMakinomPlugin.DLL and tried it with all dependencies enabled or disabled.

When Unity builds iOS version, it needs to go through XCode conversion and it pops also errors for Makinom null refference, but these are yellow.

I've sent all screenshots to ork framework support mailbox.

Please respond as soon as possible. We planned to release our game on iOS before the Christmas and this literally stopped us.
  • Sorry for coming back so late, I've been out of office since December 22.

    Did you solve this yet?

    The yellow warnings you've sent me can be ignored, they're from functions that aren't called anywhere (and will be removed in the next update).

    Will look into the error screenshots - from the looks of it there's something wrong during the enemy kill counting, i.e. unrelated to the connection plugin. The XCode project compiles and these are popping up during gameplay, right?
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  • It's fine, hope you enjoyed it. No, we wesen't able to solve it, still need your help.

    Yes, the red popped during gameplay and whole game got stuck.

    If the quest got auto finished during battle, the battle menu doesn't come back on and the game is stuck on that.

    If the quest finishes outside of battle, the game just hangs.

    Hope you can solve it...thanks
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    We also get activity after player is offline based on the date and time from Makinom. He then calls ork event to add currency to inventory.

    But it doesn't on iOS and it just like skips the ORK event call in Makinom. Since it doesn't pop error we don't know what is wrong there.
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