My UI (exept the main menu) do not react on mouse.
They respond only to the keyboard buttons (But only Up and Down, not Left Right).

Single pressing the button unfocussed all, and secound pres change to next (but only in one column).
So you have to press two times to change the positions.

I wish the buttons in the Dialogues and the Character card responsive to the mouse. As I set in the "Menu> Settings> Database Settings GUI" in the "General". More than Mouse Selection, Unlocked Mouse Over, Unfocused Mouse Over.

Where can be the settings that alter these features?
  • Having to press a choice twice probably comes from having Select First enabled in your GUI box.

    As for not being able to click on the UI - there's no setting for this in ORK. Do you get any errors/warnings in the Unity console? Might be coming from having an additional canvas in the scene with another event system (in case you're using the new UI).
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  • I resolve this problem... By reimport all asset.
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