What I want to achieve: I want for the player, to be able to pick a status effect Enchant Fire after he defeats his first monster (finishes the first battle) and when it's active, it should deal extra damage to monsters/combatants, that are more vulnerable to the fire element.

I went through tutorials and I probably have missed something, but I can't figure what it is, so please see my set up and maybe you could help out. (otherwise, I might figure it out one day):

1. I have Status Effect Enchant fire > Attribute settings > Attack Attribute > Element > Fire
2. I have combatant Serpent Warrior with this setup of attack attributes:
3. I have player combatant, with all element attributes set to 100 (which however shouldn't matter, as tutorial says, the receiving damage is based on the target attack attributes).
4. Then I have Ability > Attack: (which I also tried without specifying the attack attribute explicitly)
5. Now when I defeat a monster and in the decision dialogue I pick the Enchant Fire Status effect, this is what I see:

Yet I still deal the same amount of damage to the monster with 200 Fire attack attribute.

What am I missing? :(
  • I somehow made it to work. Idk how.
  • Maybe first check out how attributes work in general.

    The short version is: Attack Attributes are assigned to status value changes of abilities/items, i.e. giving the attack the attribute - the target's attack attribute values will influence the final result.
    Defence Attributes are assigned to combatants, i.e. giving the combatant itself the attribute - the user's defence attribute values will influence the final result.

    Using status effects to enchant attacks (e.g. the base attack) with an element (attack attribute), e.g. fire, which will naturally deal more damage to enemies that are weak to fire (i.e. attack attribute value above 100). Though, if your ability already has a fire attribute set up, that will not change much :)

    If you want to do extra damage instead of enchanting attacks, you could go for a double setup, i.e. have attack and defence attributes for elements, with elemental attacks and also the user being able to do additional/more damage to them.
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