Good morning! What's the best way to implement a building system with ORK? In another project I simply had positions in the towns where you could click and choose a building and spawn the entire prefab. Is there a good way to have a piece-by-piece way of doing it? For example, spawn a wall, be able to rotate it, then place it?
  • You can do all that in the event system (or using Makinom), but it's gonna be pretty complex ...
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    You can definitely place, rotate, and move objects via the event system.

    You could have a build mode that spawns a 'ghost' model in front of the player (probably mounted to the player) with controls to rotate it around and then place it, which spawns the final prefab with the ghost as its position.

    Some thoughts...

    1. If you leave that scene and come back, anything from an event will be gone. So you'd need a controller that initiates upon loading the scene that determines which buildings have been built and what rotation they were.

    2. Attaching both the ghost (which is moving around) to the ground and the final prefab.

    3. Maybe using a grid system or 'valid' locations would simplify things a ton.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions! Much appreciated!
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