I have recently started to learn about game creation, but since I don't know anything about scripting, I decided to use Makinom for my VR game. So far I am managing (with help of tutorials and very basic knowledge), but I have encountered something I can not figure out.
Through a schematic triggered by one object with Trigger machine, I need to control parameters (position, components....) of another specific game object in scene. So, after some reading I found out it should be done by specifying game object's name in setting parameters of the node. At first I tough all I have to do is set: "Object -> Selected Data", "Data key -> Game Object/Name" but not matter how I set it it does not work.
Can anyone help?
  • Usually, you'll set up an Actor for your game object.

    If the game object already is in your scene when you set it up (i.e. it isn't spawned later), you can simply use a Game Object type actor and select the game object in the machine's inspector (in the Machine Execution Settings).

    If it's not in the scene during setup, but already spawned when the machine starts, you can also use the Game Object type actor, but use the Find Object settings to search for it, e.g. by name or tag of the game object.
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  • Yessssss!
    Thank you sooo much :-)
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