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Gil, ever since I upgraded to Unity version 2019.1.14f and upgraded both Ork and Makinom, in Makinom when I go to the Schematic window, it has been lagging like crazy if I try to open a schematic. Clicking on the "Open Schematic" will lag it for a few seconds, and if I am lucky, after freezing for a few seconds it will show up the "last opened schematic" option. If I am a bit unlucky, it will freeze for more then 2mins before showing me all the last open schematic. If I am very unlucky(which happens very often), it won't even show me anything and it will just freeze for so long that I have to force close Unity itself.

If I somehow reach the last opened up schematic option, clicking on one of the last opened schematic will also make makinom freeze for like 5-6 seconds before it will open it up. If I am also unlucky again(also happens very very often), clicking on it will freeze Makinom and I will have to also force shut Unity down.

This makes using Makinom basically impossible or very hard.
Using Ork, everything went smoothly as ever. I also notice it only happens in my project. A new project will not have this problem. Do you have any idea as to why? :)
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  • Hmm ... since this is only happening in that one project and not in a new one, I'd say there are 2 possible issues:
    - you don't have Makinom for Unity 2019 imported (can be easily checked in the Editor > About section)
    - there's something else in the project that causes it
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  • Ahh I finally find the culprit. It was the EditorData.asset in the Makinom folder. Deleting it and opening up Makinom again so it can create a new one solved the problem. Only the last opened schematic option history is deleted, but that is a only small price to pay. I can now use Makinom again. Yes!
    It must have been corrupted or something when I had Makinom opened and my computer got shut down when I tripped over the power cord.
    Will there be a problem in the future resulting from me deleting the EditorData and letting it recreating again?
  • No, the editor data (both in ORK and Makinom) only hold stuff like last opened schematics, last opened section, etc.
    Doesn't impact any gameplay data and can be deleted without any worry :)
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  • Good news, thanks!
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