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Instead of using an Update() function to be noticed when the selecting combatant is changed in a battle, I've tried to use the ORK.Battle.SelectingCombatant.Changed event.

I created a Start Battle game event that is triggered every time a battle starts. In this event, there is a Call Function node that starts an ORKBattleStarted function on a custom component of a game object. In this function, I start a coroutine that checks if ORK.Battle.SelectingCombant is valid and when it is, it does:

ORK.Battle.SelectingCombatant.Changed += OnSelectingCombatantChanged;

Then, I have the OnSelectingCombatantChanged(Combatant c) function that does what it needs to do...

And of course, I remove the event in an OnDestroy() function.

When I play the scene, it works, but as soon as I move a combatant on the grid, Unity freezes. I placed a Debug.Log in the first line of the OnSelectingCombatantChanged function and it is never executed.

When I don't add my function to the delegate, everything works fine, so I'm sure the issue is related to that.

Any idea of what might cause this problem?
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  • Yeah ... that's not how this works - in fact, there's no event listener for the selecting combatant changing :)

    ORK.Battle.SelectingCombatant is the selecting combatant, so registering to ORK.Battle.SelectingCombatant.Changed will notify you if something on that combatant changed, not that the selecting combatant changed.
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  • Ahhh! Got it. Too bad, I'll simply revert to my Update function...
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