I'm currently using custom combat scripts (ootii's sword and shield), which has its own logic for hit detection, and the weapon to be wielded has a script of damage output. The plan is for ORK to process all the calculations and damage output.

My question is how can I take the final damage output calculated by ORK and set it to affect the enemy combatant?

I was thinking of getting the raw formulas (i.e. ATK - DEF), but since ORK validates a rather large amount of variables for the damage outcome (accuracy, blindness, etc.) I'm rather confused on where to go next.

Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks a ton
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    I'd say the easiest way is to use ORK's calculations via an AbilityShortcut of your combatant, e.g.:
    AbilityShortcut ability = user.Abilities.Get(id);
    if(ability != null)
    ability.Use(user, targets, false);

    user is the Combatant using the ability (must know it), id is the ID/index of the ability, targets is a List containing all combatants who should be targeted.
    false states that this only does the calculations and doesn't use the battle events of the ability to do animations, etc.

    This call will do all the use cost and other status changes (status values, status effects, ...) on user and targets.
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