Makinom 1.16.0 is here: release notes

The main features of this update are the new custom text codes and short names. You can define custom text codes in Menus > Text Codes, scene objects (including scene object types and components) can overrule these text codes, e.g. creating individual dialogue messages based on the used actor (using a scene object).

Both features will also be coming to ORK in the next update :)
Short names will probably be more useful in ORK, e.g. having a status value named Health Points with short name HP.
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  • Nice! Didn't think you will release the news feature!

    I have questions:
    What is Short name used for exactly? It is just showing that Short name in the text or it allows me to access it using Short name?

    Also is Array setting available mean I able to use Field in a field without the need of the script now? Or am I wrong and it just allow me to access the array in that field?

  • The short names are pretty much just a 2nd name setting you can use to add additional information and display it via text codes. As said, it might be more useful in ORK (where it's also coming in the next update).
    E.g. having a scene object used as information for an NPC, e.g. name being 'Brown Pants', short name 'Brownie', so you can use both names for the NPC in dialogues and swap out the scene object to use different information.

    The new support for arrays in the function nodes allows you to access e.g.:
    - component.array[index]
    - component.field.subArray[index]
    But you can't access e.g.:
    - component.array[index].field
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  • Ah cool! Thank for the information!
  • Ummm @gamingislove Did you change anything in Trigger Machine?
    Because for some reason my Trigger Machine with "Start by others" checked didn' work anymore.

    I have 1 trigger box that has Trigger Machine start on 'Trigger Stay' with 'Start by other' checked. With just a schematic that changes 'Starting object' Variable.
    And I let it collide with another Trigger box.
    But when I check 'Object varible' it didn't changing anything.

    I'm aware of Trigger-Trigger collision don't work anymore on 2019.3 but I use 2019.2.6
    Can you check if it works on your side?
  • No, I didn't change anything in that regard. Please check your setup, e.g. if the triggers/colliders can actually interact with each other (Unity's physics setup).

    Also, when you say check object variable didn't change anything - what's your setup here?
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  • Ah Forgive me! I just being silly!
    I just remove rigidbody when I testing something else and totally forgot that you still need rigibody for trigger to work!

    Again! Sorry (_ _!)
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