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Could you do me a favor, please?

private static ItemGain outCome = new ItemGain();
outCome.type = ItemDropType.Weapon;
outCome.id = 4;
outCome.level = 1;
outCome.quantity = 1;
outCome.chance = 100;

EquipShortcut equipShortcut = new EquipShortcut();
equipShortcut = (EquipShortcut)outCome.CreateShortcut();

Equipment equipment = equipShortcut.Setting;
equipment.level[0].bonus.custom.statusBonus[0].statusID = 1;
equipment.level[0].bonus.custom.statusBonus[0].bonus = 999;
//didn't work
//equipment.level[0].bonus.custom.statusBonus[1].statusID = 4;
//equipment.level[0].bonus.custom.statusBonus[1].bonus = 9999;

I don't know how to add a new statusBonus , and this code didn't work. Because it's an array , I can't use function "Add".
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  • I thought I have solved it. I might need to add a few status value to the weapon in the frame first.
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    What exactly are you trying to do - add a bonus to an instance of the equipment, or add a bonus to the settings?

    The actual bonuses of an in-game equipment are stored in the EquipShortcut instance representing it, i.e. changing the settings will only change future equipments that are instantiated. The status value bonuses of an EquipShortcut are not accessible from the outside, though ... but you can change them via the ChangeStatusValueBonus function :)

    equipShortcut.ChangeStatusValueBonus(statusID, value, SimpleOperator.Add);
    This will add value to the status value bonus for the status value with ID/index statusID.
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