I know we can set animation parameters on play or stop inside a specific animation instance, and/or we can use events to do this, but it seems that having a contingent check-and-play feature inside the animation controller would eliminate a lot of cross-work. For instance, in an equip/unequip event we can check for what's equipped where and set a parameter to change how a combatant will move, attack etc., but if we could check things like equipment parts, stats and object variables inside the controller itself, we could automatically shift these parameters more easily. It would no longer be as necessary to define sub-state paths for which instance of an animation type to use because the controller could simply cycle through, select, define and then play the correct instance via parameters.

I've hardly bothered playing around with Mecanim as yet, so I could easily be wrong in this approach, but it would be nice not to have to create and then specify so many instances of basic animations like walk, run, strafe, fart, play dead, be dead etc. We might also be able to front load some of this work to the individual Combatant instances under 'Animation & Movement' if we could check and set our parameters there as well. Object Variables with an 'Update' feature could make this even easier!
  • I'm not sure if it's even possible to add custom 'nodes' to animation controllers, but I'll look into it.
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  • "I'm not sure if it's even possible to add custom 'nodes' to animation controllers, but I'll look into it."

    I wasn't suggesting any alterations to the actual Mecanim controller itself, but to the ORK animation controller inside the framework that serves as a kind of liaison between Mecanim and the ORK combatant. For instance, it would simplify everything if we could create one instance in the *ORK animation controller for our 'Run' animation, and attach the name of every possible run animation state to that single instance in the controller with a series of 'Requirements' necessary in order to to play, just as the Mecanim controller itself does via 'Parameters' and 'Transitions'. If we can select to trigger a specific Run animation only when certain conditions are met, it should then be possible to get the Mecanim controller to play the correct one by adjusting the necessary Parameters, just as we're currently able to do except that we lack an extra layer of checks and controls. Honestly, though, I rather feel that everything in the framework--from 'Status Bonuses' to their 'Developments', and so on--should have this feature, so that the user may better control when and how certain things apply.
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