Hello. My understanding about rigidbodies is that one rigidbody on a root game object would result in child objects with colliders also receiving collision events, and that only one object--either the impacted object or the projectile--needed a rigidbody to cause collisions. But to get a Makinom collision machine to register collision events in order to change object variables on the impacted object, I have to put a rigidbody on each child that has a collider, which can cause some problems. If there is no rigidbody, there is a collision but no variable change (just VFX like particles colliding). Is my original understanding of colliders wrong?
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    AFAIK at least one of the game objects colliding needs a rigidbody on the same game object as the collider. Setting the rigidbody to Is Kinematic should prevent it from affecting other stuff.

    Best use case would be to have a rigidbody on the game object with the machine :)
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  • Thanks, as always! In this case, a rigidbody on the projectile with collider was not enough, and required a rigidbody on the impacted object as well to trigger damage to the impacted object. But it works ok now.
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