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Hi GiL,

you set up a Battle Group and 'Player' actor is always leader in Active Player Group. Then after few battles, you decide to e.g. 'Upgrade' any combatant in your group, which means, removing a combatant and adding a new prefab of him. That event also makes him a Player which should mean also leader of the 'Battle Group'.

But when I enter the Group Menu Screen, he is in non-battle group members, and the group stayed as before. Though when you enter combat, the new 'Player' combatant is spawned there among others like additional member.

If you put him in Battle Group and then out, he is no more there. But the fact, that I have to do it every time I make someone else Player outside the Menu Screen is annoying.

It's doing on ORK 2.25.1. Wasn't doing before when we had 2.16.

Putting 'Join Battle Group' node with 'Player' actor doesn't help. Still have to manually remove any member from the Battle Group in the Menu Screen, then put him back.

Edit: I was able to fix this issue by putting a node 'Switch Player'-'Previous-Battle Group' at the end of my Upgrade Events, which basically sets the leader of the group to the previous one so it doesn't cause that additional spawn.
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  • If it's just about changing the prefab of a combatant, you can do that automatically using the Conditional Prefab settings of the combatant.
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