So I think I've properly defined variables in my abilities in this screenshot. However, is there a way to access these variables through script? Doing ORK.Abilities.Get(). doesn't seem to show anything related to these ability variables.

  • ORK.Abilities.Get() only gets you the settings of an ability - an actual ability in-game is an AbilityShortcut instance, which holds the ability's stats (e.g. exp, level, variables).

    I.e. you need to get an actual ability instance from a combatant like this:
    AbilityShortcut ability = combatant.Abilities.Get(id);
    combatant is a Combatant class instance, id is the ID/index of the ability.
    Now you can access the variables calling ability.Variables :)
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  • I thought that might be the case, but didn't understand the format. Thank you very much!
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