I'm trying to make my character through uma. However, when I turn on the menu, the UMA character starts to behave inadequately, flying through the sky. When I removed the rigibody, the problem disappeared, but I cannot remove this component at all, since it is necessary for Damage dealers. what can you advise me in this case?
  • Does your Rigidbody component have Is Kinematic set to true?

    You want to use a kinematic rigidbody on your character if you don't want their movement driven by physics, but you still need them to interact with the physics system.
  • If you turn on is kinematic, then UMA behaves adequately, but in combat it disappears altogether. The prefab itself disappears !!! I noticed another oddity, from the prefab in the game they turn off the freeze position on X, Y, Z when I turn them on in the game the prefab behaves adequately again, what's the matter?
  • If the prefab disappears, it might be destroyed by your battle start event (e.g. destroying the player group) before spawning/placing them on battle spots.
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  • it disappears only when the is kinematic function is enabled in the settings of the rigibody
  • and no events on the disappearance of the prefab I do not have ....
  • By the way, when the function of the ribs is kinematic set true, any prefab disappears, not just uma
  • is it deleted from scene hierarchy or moved somewhere?

  • if is kinematic is enabled, the model of the character itself disappears and its settings, for example, the character controller, remain on the stage
  • Can you screenshot the inspector of the character ? Also does the same happen if you drag and drop prefab on the scene ? Might be good idea to test that to see if it's UMA specific issue or ORK.
  • so I took screenshots and I don’t know what to do ... the character also flies in the air without is kinematic, but disappears with him in the combat system.
  • gamingislove do you have any ideas?
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    The Uma has not generated any geometry in that image. The Uma DynamicCharacterAvatar component also does not look right. There should be more options there when the game is run.
    I suspect this has to do with the error that it's showing in the console. I had a similar issue where the pre-defined UMA skeleton would conflict with any additional bones I added at design time to Uma skeleton. Like ORK's equipment viewers etc.
    My solution was to edit UMASkeleton script and force it to ignore gameobject with certain tag when rebuilding bones.

    private void AddBonesRecursive(Transform transform)
    if (transform.tag == "UmaIgnore")

    Although what this has to do with isKinematic I have no idea. I tried isKinematic rigidbody in my project and all worked with Uma.

    I recommend asking in UMA discord https://discord.gg/UuR53qr or forums: https://forum.unity.com/threads/uma-unity-multipurpose-avatar-on-the-asset-store.219175/
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  • it's just strange, and the character model disappears in the battle arena (with is kinematic true). In general, I want to use UMA in order for various options for the equipment to be removed on the character. For example, when I turn on the armor, it appears on it. If there are other options I would consider them. Now I use Mixamo
  • At the same time I checked the combat events, there is nothing suspicious about them. Perhaps there is something by default, which I don’t know, since I downloaded project unity 2017
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