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I'm using the turn based battle system. I'm trying to make the battle camera focus on the active character in battle. IS it possible to do that?

I', having a lot of issues with the battle camera to be honest.

Also is there a way to make the turn order available to show in battle? Like i want a menu on the screen to show the next character who's turn it is.
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  • Check out the Battle Camera settings in Battle System > Battle Settings. There are different settings available to e.g. look on the currently selecting combatant or the one currently performing an action.
    If you also want battle events to perform camera changes, you need to use the Allow Events battle camera type, otherwise camera changes in battle events will be blocked.

    You can show the turn order via a Turn Order type HUD. There are settings in it to control how many combatants will be shown in the list.
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  • Yeah I'm in that menu but its not working. right now, im using the simplestart battle start event which has a set camera point.

    Is there a specific menu for battle camera? How do I make it focus on the active player?

    These are my settings so far.


  • Make sure the camera control is blocked during battle (see the control block settings in your used battle system's settings), or if you're using one of the built-in camera controls, you can use the Camera Control Target look at type instead.
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    In the simplebattle start event, it has camera control blocked along with player control. It uses the battleview camera point to set the camera view in battle.

    I have 4 characters in battle and i'd like to focus on each of them when it's their chance just like in Persona 5.

    In the battle camera settings, i have it set up like this.


    This is the battle view camera point setup.


    This is the simple start event.


    im also using a custom camera, the ooti camera set up with the instructions on this board.

    Its still not working as the camera just stays in one place and doesnt switch depending on active camera.
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    I think I got it working by blocking events in battle camera type. However now, I cant get the camera to zoom in on any character when they defend or use an item using the front view camera point. When i change the battle camera type to allow events, the battle camera doesnt work anymore.

    Im using simple look.

    one more question for the camera transitions when focusing on a new character, can i use a custom gui for transtition instead?
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  • Using Camera Control Target would only work with the built-in camera controls (or custom controls that implement ORK's base camera component), so if you're using ooti you should either use the Simple Look or Camera Position types.

    The camera control needs to be blocked during the whole battle, not just the start event. The control block settings are located depending on your used battle system, e.g. for turn based in Battle System > Turn Based Battles.
    If the camera control isn't blocked, the control component and ORK will conflict with each other, one overruling the other.

    There's no built-in way for having custom GUI during camera transitions, so you'd have to add that yourself.
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    The camera control was blocked in turn based settings. Im using camera points to position the camera behind my character and while it works its still glitchy.

    - The camera doesnt follow any character when they are about to use a move. like run to target and attack or even when the enemy attacks.

    - If I use simple look, is there a way to position the camera closer to my characters? ITs a little far away now.

    - When I block camera, what about allow in turn option?
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    I'm going to go into my setup again because im gonna give up as i cant get it working properly.

    This is my setup with allowed events.


    When I changed allow in turn option to none. This is what i get.


    Now this is the angle I want. However when i attack like in this screen, the camera follows the player which i want but when the enemy dies, there's no camera angle for it even though it is set up like the original game example. Like this picture.


    When my ally attacks, the camera also doesnt follow them like in the picture.


    However the camera angle does work for my ally.


    When i use an item or defend, the camera angle doesnt change. When the character defends the camera angle is supposed to change to front view camera point.


    When the enemy attacks, the camera angle doesn't change.


    Now when I choose ignore camera block for defend, the angle does change. However it doesnt work on my allies only on the main character.


    This is how i add allies to my party.


    Im out of ideas on how to get this to work properly. I need the camera angle to follow the character whose turn it is.

    Maybe the problem is on my end, i dont know. Do you think you could maybe make a demo using the demo assets and post it here?

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  • The camera following something is only possible if that combatant is also the target of your camera control (and the control is not blocked). Since you allow the camera control during the player's turn, the issue is that the camera is still targeting the player, not your ally combatants.

    As for the camera not focusing on the dying enemy - this is most likely due to the camera control not being blocked and overriding the camera changes from the event (or battle camera). You could try blocking the camera control in the death battle events.

    It pretty much sums up to this: the enabled camera control during the player's turn will in most cases overrule any other camera change coming from the battle camera or battle events.
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    Is there a way to enable camera control for my allies then? I dont want it to focus only on my main playable character.

    I think I might be misunderstanding somethings you are saying. I know block camera blocks you from controlling it.

    fRom the settings, I blocked the camera controls but it looks like you're saying it is not blocked.

    IS it possible to use the ooti camera for gameplay but an original ork camera for battle?\

    I temporarily switched to your follow camera and it worked well. I'll prefer to use ooti's camera for gameplay but I dont mind using an ork camera for battle.
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  • With your settings, camera control is enabled during turns for player controlled combatants (i.e. members of the player group). However, your camera targets the player, so while it'd follow the player, it doesn't follow the other allies.

    The battle camera doesn't follow the targets in that way - I guess the best way would be to keep camera control enabled and use the Camera Control Target look at type.
    If you wait for a bit I'll post a wrapper component that allows camera control target changes with custom camera controls - you'd just have to adjust it a bit to forward that target change to ooti camera controls.
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    Alright - here's a wrapper component for ootii camera controller, simple setup, handles ORK's control blocks and allows camera control target changes (and transitions).

    You can see the setup and download it in the custom player/camera controls how-to.
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  • Thanks for trying.

    But I just cannot get this to work right at all even using the wrapper. I started using the in built follow camera and i still cant get it to work. Its too confusing.

    I think I'm just gonna abandon it.
  • Ah, well - even with using the wrapper component to integrate ootii, there's still a limit to the system. If camera control is blocked, it won't follow camera targets, and if camera control is enabled, camera changes will be overruled by the camera control.
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  • Maybe you should build a third person orbital camera into Ork. The built in cameras might be ok for turn based battle but that's it. There is a lot of people having trouble integrating other cameras because the player is not already in the scene and the camera has no target. This is definitely a request worth considering
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