So Im considering moving my game over to turn based, however only if I can recreate a few key abilities to make the combat more tactical.

The main ability I want is for people with guns to have a overwatch style ability. Essentially, whenever a enemy combatant uses a melee attack they get a free counter attack. Ideally they get to counter attack right before the melee user moves-to and attacks.

1.Combatant chooses to melee
2. Combat event starts
3. All gun user enemys get to counter attack / overwatch
4. after that the melee user gets to carry out its attack.
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    That should be possible in the battle events for the gun attacks.

    Check if the target is a melee (however that is defined in your game, e.g. through class) and use an Use Battle Action node as Sub Action (add action setting).
    Set up a battle event that does this and you can use it in all abilities that should allow that :)
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  • Sweet! Glad to hear!
    Been playing Divinity 2 and absolutely addicted to that gameplay. Would love to replicate it to some degree.
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