Hey! I have a question about Effect Settings. I'd like to implement a status much like Pokemon's paralyze effect. Unlike something like Sleep or Stop that stops a combatant from doing anything (to which I would just use Stop Move), I'd like an effect that has chance of preventing a combatant from attacking that turn, every turn the effect is active.

So my question: is there an option that applies an effect with a chance modifier? Much like how you can set a chance for a status effect to wear off every turn, I'm wondering if there is a way to set a chance for an effect even taking place every turn.

I've looked around and haven't seen any options here. If this isn't an option, I wouldn't mind implementing it myself, but I'd just like some general pointers in the right direction as I like solving things for myself if given the option. Many thanks!
  • Hm, no, that's currently not possible - but you probably can implement this using Turn Start Events (default events for all combatants are set up in Battle System > Battle Settings).

    E.g. check if the paralyze effect is applied, do a chance check and apply a (maybe hidden) effect with stop move for 1 turn.
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  • Thanks for the response! I'm at work right now, but I'll try this out when I get home!
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