Hi there,

I'm new here. I have problems following the tutorial since my Unity keeps getting an exception such as nullpointer, etc.

The last one that affects me is:

"Town 1" couldn't be loaded, please add the scene to the build settings.

I mean... 0 Main Menu is also not in the build settings and it turns out just fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Not sure about 2018 thing but.
    You can't load level via code if it's not in build settings. That's not ORK error, that's just how Unity Works.
  • Yeah just tried that and it worked. dumb of me.

    Thank you hellwalker
  • Also, make sure you're using the Unity 2018 tutorial resources :)
    Unity removed the legacy particle system in one of the later 2018 versions, i.e. the non-2018 resources will thrown errors in them.
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