Hey in this video I set up a series of camera events that switch when the player hits the trigger.
I used 2 triggers, one for entering a new camera angle, and one for returning back to an old one.

Just 2 problems.

1 : When the player hits a trigger it looks at the center of the trigger intill the player leaves it.
2 : The trigger for the current camera angle can get retriggered, leading to the above problem.

You'll see it happen alot in the video above. Is there an easy fix to these?
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    Lol yes.
    There is an easy fix.

    Turn camera off completely in game controls.

    The camera event set to "Look at target" means that you create zones where it will look at the character for as long as they are in that zone.
    Way less work than my trigger set up.

    really happy about that
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