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Hi all,

New here. As the title suggest, I want to buy the Ork Framework and I was having a look over the Tutorials page to see how is this working.

I am not sure, but my first impression is that Ork use the old GUI system of Unity. I searched the forums and I see some discussions about a new UI but cannot see something specific.

Is Ork using a uGui or not.

And, for a beginner in this framework, are the tutorials up to date or it will be necessarily to go through forums?

Later Edit:
After a better look discovered this: http://orkframework.com/tutorial/howto/using-the-new-ui/
Sorry for that..
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  • Welcome :)

    As you already discovered, ORK allows you to use both legacy GUI and the new UI. When using the new UI, ORK will create it based on prefabs you set up (e.g. for the box and buttons), adjusting their positon and sizes to ORK's needs.
    The next iteration of ORK (being ORK 3) will have a complete UI overhaul, dropping legacy GUI support and changing to a complete component based system using the new UI - but that's still a long time off.

    The game tutorial series should be up to date, I just updated it last week to reflect the newest settings changes (although I might missed some small stuff). I'd highly recommend going through them from start to finish (and follow them as is), which you can do with ORK's free test version. These tutorials are made to teach you all the basics and most used features of ORK and its workflow.
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  • Thank you for the answer,

    I will have a look over the free version in the next weeks and if it's ok I will definitely support your asset.
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