I have tried all the settings in player camera controls. I am using the mouse camera control type all I am trying to do is have a better upwards field of view. I'm using Enviro and I want to see the sky/clouds and sun. If I set the minimum height to a minus value then I can see up but I have to go through the floor to do it and it looks rubbish. If anyone can help with having proper 3rd person camera controls with the built in ones then it would be appreciated.
  • Well, the mouse camera isn't really intended for this, it's more akin to a top down view. The built-in controls are generally there to get you started, if you need something else/better, you can switch to a custom control.
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    I do not understand your instructions and what they do. I have ootii camera controller but it relies on a character to apply it to. Your character isn't in the scene its brought in once its run. Im trying other cameras to see if I can add it to my player prefab. Please help or give step by step instructions. all I want is a proper 3rd person camera that I can look all around the scene with. I will pay you to do it if that's what you need
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  • Sounds like you want first person controls with an offset? What kind of game has the camera you want for your game?
  • Fallout 4, Witcher 3 an over the shoulder orbital camera, I don't want first person. There is a free asset 3rd Person Controller + Fly Mode that camera is the same as what I'm looking for its attached to the camera but it needs a payer prefab but ork has no player prefab in the scene. I'm stuck, the built in ork cameras are horrible as I don't want top down
  • If your camera control requires an already spawned player, I'd recommend writing a small script to find the player and set it in your camera control's components.

    You can get ORK's player by using this code:
    GameObject player = ORK.Game.GetPlayer()
    E.g. use it in an update function until the player is found (i.e. spawned) and set it in your camera control.
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  • That didn't work , I'm giving up there is no orbital 3rd person camera I can use with this asset which is a shame because apart from that this asset has everything I need for my game. Giving me one line of code just to shove in anywhere in the camera code isn't the sort of help I need. It came up with errors wherever I put it I even tried:
    public Transform player = ORK.Game.GetPlayer();// Player's reference. didn't work either it wouldn't let me apply it to a transform
  • Can't you just have the camera be part of the player prefab with the script already attached?
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    I took the easy option and integrated Invector 3rd person controller. The camera on that is just what I needed.
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