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Hi GiL,

On ORK 2.16.0 I'm using an Equipment menu...now got weapons/armor as Icons, so when I click on them, I display a Tooltip and a Sub Menu where player can choose to 'Equip, Remove' and like that.

This sub-menu is a perfect choice for me with 'Close out of box click' option. Thing is, when I click on any item, that sub-menu pops for like 0,5s and closes itself. It worked for me one day, then next morning it decided to disappear upon every click on any item.

It works without 'Close out of box click' but that's forcing me to interact only with the sub-menu, nothing what I want.

Can you help out, please? I'm using only mouse/touch (mobile game), so I don't call the sub-menu. All GUI boxes have 'Select Unfocused'. Can send you ORK project.asset if required.
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