So I see that inside an event step I can access the actors of the event using baseEvent.GetActorObject()

This method presumably takes the actor ID as an input parameter. It returns a List.

I had been under the impression that each actor ID was a discrete actor object. Under what circumstances could that return multiple game objects?

Can you explain how this works quickly? Thanks!!!
  • Sorry another question related to this.

    Is it possible to check an ObjectVariablesComponent or its associated handler to see if a particular key exists?
  • An actor can consist of multiple game objects, e.g. using the Find Object options for an actor can optionally find multiple game objects. Or the targets in a battle event for an ability/item targeting multiple combatants.

    You can't directly check if a key exists or not, but you can get the value for that key and check if the value is the default value for that type (bool > false, float > 0, string > "", Vector3 >
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  • Cool! this all worked thanks for the help!
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