Hi GiL,

is there way this is possible in ORK 2.16? After the player lost the battle, I would like to implement a currency payment that would revive his characters and he can continue.

Can't find a way, how to let ORK know, to change the Battle state from Defeat back to ongoing battle.


  • Yes, that's possible by doing this in the death battle events of the combatants.

    E.g. set up a battle event that:
    - checks if the user is player controlled (e.g. Check User node)
    - search for all alive player combatants (Search Combatants node - stores them into a found objects list)
    - check the number of found alive combatants (Found Objects Count node)

    Afterwards, do whatever you need to do - but use a Cancel Death node at some point to prevent the combatant's death (and probably also restore some health).
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  • Right, forgot about Cancel Death option. Tried and works like a charm!

    Thanks very much, GiL! :)
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