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Hi! I'm really new to Unity in general, so I hope this isn't too simple of a question, but it's been plaguing me for a few days.
I'm using the Camera Path Animator to control my 3rd Person camera.

If I hit Play, the camera is set to follow the prefab as designated in the ORK framework, but the spawned player object isn't recognized as the same instance.
If I drag the exact player object into the script while playing, it is recognized and places the camera correctly.
Thank you for any advice you may have!

(The PlayerFollow script is part of the Camera Path Animator asset pack, so I'm not sure about posting it, but I will if it's necessary ;;;;)


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  • Using the prefab for the combatant and as the player in your camera script will not work. They're not the same instance in the running game.

    You'll need to write a script that assigns ORK's spawned player to the camera script.
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