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Hey !

I have a question for community and support team . I start working on the games similar to these


Text based old shool RPGBOOK type games . All game play going on ui menus. No real player to move or interaction with world . All games are choices doing on the dialogues. From what i see Ork should handle that and even much more . Am i right ? We have very detailed menu , dialogue system ( Build in dialogue system is enough to create big dialogues "trees' OR i should looking for some thirdpart tool ) HOpe not , I wish to stay with one ttol if possible) Let me know if i am right

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  • To the best of my knowledge ork can do even more than that
  • Thanks! Hope you are right . My only concern was that I will keep all gameplay in "menus" and if that will be a big problem for ORk. . For sure I will need to make some "way around" for few things but from what I see Ork is very flexible and powerful. so it should't be a big problem anyway . After seeing game examples developer should have straight answerr for me :)
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    Yep, that should be possible.
    I'd recommend to try out the free test version of ORK to see if it fits your needs :)
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