Good evening, team!

Two queries:

1 - Is there a default built in to the follow camera that will allow me to press a button and switch to a free look camera, which snaps back to the follow camera when released? Or has anyone implemented this? I have the Opsive, Invector, and loads of other solutions, so if the answer is "Implement one of those" then... you know, fine, I'll figure that out. But since I'm using grid combat, and normally our sailors will be running around with the default view, they seem like overkill.

2 - Secondly, given that I just said, "normally..." here's the two exceptions: swimming and climbing. For the swimming, I have animations, but I'm not sure how to "trigger" the animation. I know that getting the player to swim on the surface is one level of complexity, and getting her to swim downwards is a second level, so let's focus on the surface swimming first.

Separately, when a player approaches the ratlines on a ship, I want her to be able to enter and exit a climbing animation, but ONLY for this one thing; this is a pirate rpg, not a platformer, but I think the view one gets when climbing the rigging is one worth sharing with the player, and can lead to some neat events (getting blown off in a strong storm, e.g.).

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