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I'm trying to make a looping npc random roam Schematic (ala pokemon) and I'm running into a problem. Currently, when the Schematic starts, the npc will choose a random direction and move in that direction, however, I can't get it to loop.
My logic here is that at the beginning of the schematic, it should update the current vector 3 variable to the current gameobject transform, then pick a direction by adding to that variable, then rinsing and repeating. However, I can't seem to get it working.

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    Without checking the details here - if there's no wait time involved in the schematic, it'll probably just repeat each frame, canceling out the move again and again. E.g. enable the Wait option in the Change Position node :)

    What machine are you using to run the schematic?
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  • Awesome checking Wait has it working like I was expecting. I'm running it with auto. After taking a brief peek at the enemy movement in the 2D roguelike it looks like giving the ai the ability to check it's position in relation to the player and walls/colliders before picking a direction might be a good thing to look into. It looks like I have some more tinkering to do. Thanks, as always, for your help.
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