Hello everyone, am doing a real time rpg game. Am using unity nav mesh for moving my combatants around. I noticed some of combatants are spawned at wrong position after upgrading to unity 5.6 of4. Am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question because, it seems the problem is with unity nav mesh. I noticed when i use orks default as against unity nav mesh agent component type for the move ai, to move the combatants, the combatants are spawn in the right position.
  • I think you need to rebake the navmesh in your scenes after the update.
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    It still didn't solve the problem. Another funny thing i noticed, is that when i set up area combatant spawner with trigger enter as type. When i enter the trigger,some of the combatants are spawn at a totally different position(very far from the trigger), while others are spawn within the trigger collider. The spawned combatants will not move or attempt to hunt the player. At other times, the trigger enter combatant spawner, just spawns the combatants without the player entering the trigger. But when i use orks default component type instead of unity nav mesh, everything works well(For some reasons, i can't use ork default component type for the project). So the problem has to do with using nav mesh. I don't really know where this problem is coming from whether is from unity 5.6.4 or ork. Please have you experienced this before? Also note, this does not happen with all the combatants and scenes. I also noticed that when i change the size of the combatant or reduce the radius of the nav mesh agent, it might spawn, some other times it doesn't
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  • Another thing i want to ask, my inventory menu screen doesn't receive focus when is opened. I will need to click on with mouse, before i can use my joypad with it.
  • Hm, no, I haven't had this issue when updating to 5.6 back in the day.
    I'd need a Unity test project where this happens to check things out - it's most likely something with your NavMesh or agent setup. ORK doesn't really do much there, e.g. the move AI is just forwarding the target position and speed to the agent.

    Regarding the inventory menu screen - make sure the Inventory menu part is the first part of the screen to have focus on it.
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