A two parter this time, underlined parts being the issue:

Current behavior: Revive works in every situation except one. The situations being: in field reviving anyone besides the player. In the battle scene both player and party member revive as expected. If the player dies it is unable to be revived until the next battle. If I try, it shows the dead player as a valid target, lets me click and makes a beep sound, but the item is not consumed and the player does not revive. The game only ends if all party members are dead.

Any ideas on what might be going wrong? Also, the second part: Is there any way to set the player to be the remaining party member but switch back should the original leader be revived? At this time if you load with the player dead you can't move, the model is not there, and your remaining party member just stands there looking at where the player would have been.

I suppose the bandaid fix is to just set revive after battle but curious if I could do what I am thinking or just solve the original issue. Upon doing that the player does get back to full hp but has no mana and is still shaded black. Potions fix both issues, but the player stays on the ground until the next battle. And spawned combatants will not battle the party member running around. Revive issues everywhere ><.

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    Will check this out, should definitely not behave that way.

    Edit: Reviving the player works fine on my end. What's the setup of your revive item/ability?
    Not spawning a dead player (or group member) when loading the game will be fixed in the next update.
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    Haha, I was just about to ask about the not-spawning-dead-player-on-Continue weirdness now that I'm prototyping save menu stuff. Glad that it's already on GiL's radar.
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    Hm alrighty. It should be the same as the one set up in the tutorial, and it works in battle. After the battle you can still use it, just doesn't revive the player; it WILL revive other dead party members. Goes through the menus able to click name, but nothing happens. By nothing I mean the item isn't consumed, the player is not healed at all. The settings are both for use and target ally single is dead, and to revive of course.
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  • For others having this issue: Due to the player being dead, he can't use the items. Enable Alive User in the menu screen's settings to automatically use a group member that's alive as the menu user.
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  • Yeah that was it. Still probably have to revive on death at this time due to the possible save while player is dead issue, but good to know only that part is an actual issue.
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