Heyo, I haven't been able to dig my way through to something like this on the forums so I figured I'll just ask - is there any way to make the camera move to a specific location during the turn of a combatant? Right now I got only 1 camera position which is from up above and the sidelines onto the combat field and it's sadly static.
To be more specific, a way to put the camera in front or behind the combatant who's turn it is. Some examples in attached screenshots.
Thank you kindly for your answer in advance :)


  • Yes, there's the Battle Camera system for that (Battle System > Battle Settings). It allows automatically using a camera position or changing the camera target to show the latest menu user, selection, (action) user or target.
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  • Thanks for the answer <3
    Would you mind (if you ever have free time) doing an example of how that would work? I can't get it to activate and it just defaults to using the camera I placed in the scene above the characters :( There's no rush, just if you're ever free I'd highly appreciate it. If not I can probably figure it out someday.
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