Hello dear community,

I'm a game design student from germany and recently bought ORK.
Right now I'm in the process of learning the framework and damn, it got so many features!

Since I am a big fan of old turn-based JRPGs I want to recreate Legend of Legaia's battle system with some modern touch ups.


While I am still sifting through the basics maybe the more experienced would be so kind to give me some leads? Is it even possible as of now?

Any help is deeply appreciated!
  • Should be easy to do, you just use the turn based system with the combo feature.
  • Not the action combo system, that's for something different (replacing actions based on an action chain).

    Since this is just selecting different actions, you'd probably go with using the Actions Per Turn to allow performing multiple actions in the combatant's turn.
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  • Thanks alot! Can't wait to get my hands dirty :D
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    Tip: Custom Action Points System

    You’re not limited to just using the actions per turn in the way described in this tutorial – you can e.g. use it to create a custom action points system. For this, you can let the Actions Per Turn at 1 (Value) and set the Default Action Cost to 0 (Value).

    Now, the combatants can perform as many actions per turn as they want, until they use the End battle command (or None action in the battle AI). To limit the actions available to a combatant, you use the Use Costs of the abilities, e.g. using a Consumable type status value like MP or AP (action points) that can be replentished each turn through the Turn Bonuses (defined in the settings of the used battle system).

    For actions that should end the combatant’s turn (e.g. defend or using an item), you can override the default action costin the Action Settings of the battle system you’re using.
    Sooo... I tried this out and currently my "Use Cost AP" won't decrease while selecting my attacks. I created ressources MaxAttacks (3-10 scala, which represents the Spirit Gauge to put actions into.) with AttackPoints (just like MaxHP and HP). My 4 abilities are Left, Right, High, Low with each having 1 AP cost. Also made an auto-buff on the player to replenish his AP each turn-start.
    I have no idea what I did wrong :/ Anyone able to help? Or am I even on the wrong track here.

    EDIT: Ok, after lots of tinkering I found out that I can use as many Abilities/Items as I want in 1 round regardless of limitations. They get substracted afterwards.
    For example I have 2 Potions and I selected to use 10 of them. When the Player executes the commands he uses 10 Potions. At next round start I have 0 Potions.
    Let's see how I can fix this...
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  • I was actually refering to the Actions Per Turn feature available in turn based and phase battles. In active time battles the system is replaced by using the timebar (e.g. an attack using the full timebar or only parts of it).

    So you're pretty much recreating a system that's available out of the box :)
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  • Thanks! I guess I was overthinking the whole process :b

    So I am using 3 Actions Per Turn with each of the 4 Abilities taking 1 Action at the moment. To extent the Spirit Gauge I would need to somehow event to add more Actions Per Turn I presume.

    Currently I'm trying to add Action Combos to recreate the Art Attacks. For example, the Art "Somersault" activates when the Player uses "High" + "Low" + "High" in exactly this string. Also the last Ability (High in this case) changes to the Ability "Somersault".
    I can't get this to work in any way I'm trying. Is this event possible?
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    Since actions per turn can use a formula, you can e.g. set up a status value for bonus actions that'll be added to the default actions (e.g. through status effects or passive abilities).

    For the other thing, that'd be the Action Combo system (Battle System > Action Combos). This allows you to set up exactly that :)
    Combatants need to know the action combo to use it, they can be added in the combatant's Attacks & Abilities settings and using the event system.

    Action combos set up a sequence of actions, where each stage can define multiple actions that can be used to reach the stage. Also, each stage can optionally replace the used action by a different action.
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  • @gamingislove

    So how would someone go about creating a battle system using something like Action Points, wherein only the characters in the player group can use three different base attacks (like a light, medium, and strong attack), where each type of attack costs consecutively more (1 AP for light, 2 AP for medium, 3 AP for strong), and that a character can trigger an action combo using a specific sequence of attacks (ala Xenogears' battle system), but that each of the player group has their own timebar, and all combatants' turns are shown in order?

    I was under the impression that using Active Time Battles would be the best solution, but from this conversation it seems that turn-based would be the best way. Also, it is possible for only the player group to utilize this system while the enemy group still used a single base attack?
  • You'll have to decide if you want to go turn based (e.g. using multi-turns to allow combatants to have multiple turns before others) or using a timebar.
    Both systems can be set up to have attacks like that - either using action points, consuming the timebar or just using use costs (e.g. MP that are refilled each turn of a combatant).

    Only allowing the player (or defined) combatants to use multiple attacks can be done by e.g. using status values in the formula that defines the action points, where player combatants would have a higher stat.
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