I can't find a way to switch from first person to third person for some gameplay features, i have a scene, where you start in first person, then i want the next scene to use 3rd person features so i tried the Change Fields node using the ButtonPlayerController name and changed the field Firstperson but nothing changed..
  • To tick that box on/off, in the change field node, put ButtonPlayerController as the component name. Of course, you already got this part.
    In the actor, define the actor that has the component.
    Add a field.
    Field Name: firstPerson
    isProperty disabled.
    Field is bool.
  • Well that was a Caps story, thanks for your help it works perfectly now :)
  • For more complex controls like this, I'd recommend using custom controls or a good 3rd party control script :)
    ORK's built-in controls are mostly just to get you going, or for simple player/camera control needs.
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