I have previously implemented a Mecanim solution, but it's a bit less than ideal, so I'm now trying to revamp my game to use the Legacy animation system instead.

Here's my issue:

I have two separate models. One is my player, a humanoid, with a Mecanim-compatible rig (if that matters at all). I have changed its rig from "Humanoid" to "Legacy - Store in Root (New)". This model has no animations.

I have another model that has all of my animations. I have tried changing these to "Legacy - Store in Root (New)" animations, but my player is stubbornly stuck in a T-Pose.

I suspect that my problem is that my animations are in a separate model file, which means... Legacy just won't work, and I'll need to re-revert back to Mecanim (fortunately, I have all of that backed up!).

Mecanim does have some issues though, especially when playing combat animations. It requires at least a tiny pause (for some reason), resulting in "runToTarget(pause)attack(pause)runToBase", which isn't as smooth as I'd like, so I thought I'd try Legacy.

Is there a guide somewhere to mapping animations from one .fbx to another in the Unity Legacy animation system? I've found some confusing things like "replace Skinned Mesh Renderer with Mesh Filter/Mesh Renderer", and I've tried that, though it's not immediately clear what difference that makes...?
  • You should be able to add legacy animations to your prefabs by directly adding them in the Animation component. Expand the Animations, increase the size and select the animation clips you want to use.
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    Even though using Mecanim with ORK needs some extra customization (like having the duration of the animations). But I suggest you to go Mecanim all the way, you will find it handful later with transitions and weapon checks etc.
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  • If your still having this issue i suggest getting animation baker for creationg legacy animations from other models.
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