Hi, I don't know how I would do it but I know I need an event tied to a spell ability. Not sure about the specifics maybe someone can help me? I want to have a "Giantism" spell that makes my player very high off of the ground, either enlarging his prefab, or putting him y position higher in the air. Then I want a "Dwarfism" spell, to do the reverse, low to the ground. Any help greatly appreciated. Please be specific about what I should do exactly so I can try it out. Thank you.
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    For laughs, I want a spell to do this to creatures too. Would be funny. I already know how to make a cube smaller with an event by shrinking its size. .. or was it that I move the cube? I forgot. That is about all. These effects should stop when i zone to another scene.
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    It doesn't matter if you're doing this to the player or an enemy/ally combatant - you'd use the Change Scale node in the battle event of the ability/item to do that :)

    Since this just changes the scale of the spawned prefab of the combatant, the effect would be gone when you change scenes.
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  • you are totally awesome GIL!! thank you!!! Oh man I can't wait to try to do this. LOL!
  • my flying spell works perfectly. amazing. Is there a way I can disable the spell in indoor zones? because I get stuck in there. But really GiL. it is an incredible addition to my game. Thank you!!
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