I'm finalizing the battle system for my game this month and noticed a few things that are problems now that hadn't been before prior to upgrading ORK a few weeks ago.

Just a couple of items:

I'm using Ork's Real Time Battle System.

1. Double Death

When an ally dies, must use a revival item or ability twice in order Ork to register the revival. I tested this by running my game and observing the Combatant Component on a game character. I made an item that insta-kills the inbiber. And so the Dead variable under Basic Information does indeed switch to "true"

However, once I use a spell or item with the "Revive" component checking in the item and ability settings. The value is not turned to false. At least unless I use the item again.

So to summarize. I have to essentially revive a dead target twice in order for them to remove their death status. Their HP values can be risen, but they do not revive.

I also have an "End Battle" event that is supposed to revive allies after a battle has finished and give them 1 hp.

The 1 hp portion works, but the ally still remains dead.

2. Time-Scale

In my game, I utilize the time-scale reduction when the player opens a skill menu to be used mid combat. The way my end-battle event is set (And this has worked until the recent update, i'm quite certain), when the battle ends, the Timescale is set back to 1.

However I have noticed that if the battle-ends while I'm still in a decision menu, the timescale stays permanently stuck in the slowed state.

The feature that lets me pause the game (0 time scale) and then unpause back into the previous scale does work. But returning the game to a timescale of one both via script, nor via an end-battle event seems to be effective.

I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I can send sample videos, or a copy to you GiL if need be.

Otherwise, I'd much appreciate the advice, especially if these issues really are something that was done on my end.

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    I'll need a test Unity project for this (at least for the 1st issue).

    Edit: Tried the time scale issue and worked fine on my end. Sure, while the menu screen is opened, the time scale remains as is even after battle (as it should), but when I close it, it goes back to normal. I'll need more details on your setup (or included in the test project) to check this out.
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  • No problem. I'll send one to you in a few. Thanks!
  • For others having these issues:

    1) This is caused by using Real Value Count on a status value that causes death. This can lead to the value still causing death when the next check is made - will be fixed in the next update.

    2) When changing time scale in the battle menu, don't reset it in your battle end event, as that automatically happens when the battle menu is closed. Due to how ORK handles time scale changes, this can reset the value to a wrong value.
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  • Ohh thank you very much GIL, good to know!
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