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Hey folk,

I'm trying to use icons to display the value of a Normal type Status Value. After putting the various pieces together to create a status display for the user, I'm finding that the status values are showing one less icon than they should. I've posted a screenshot below to illustrate the problem. Combat should be showing 4 stars next to it, but is only showing 3. Memory should be showing 3 and is only showing two.


Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I'm using the latest version of Ork, 2.14 :)
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    I'll look into it. Can you post the details of your icon setup?

    Edit: Tested it on my end and worked fine, I'll need the details on your status value's value bar setup and possibly the HUD (or menu) you used in your screenshot.
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  • Here's a screenshot with my status value's value bar settings:

    And here's a screenshot of the status element I'm using to display the bar in my Menu Screen:

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    By any chance, is your status value's minimum value 1?
    That should be the issue - icons currently display from minimum to maximum, i.e. minimum value of 1, current value of 4 would display 3 icons, while a minimum value of 0 would display 4.

    Will add an option to show icons from 0 instead of the minimum value.
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  • Yup, my minimum value is 1. I just changed it to zero, and the value bar worked properly. You're a wizard, thanks :)
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